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12392344397 / +1 (239) 234-4397
beware of tony and his wife lilian who made fake vespa tpw call to me and I save the number and traced it leave me alone with all you bs stop posting my info on line F**k off 2123007666 with your slick lie bombs on meThis is tltmc computer hacker. This pedophile is entertaining itself by harassing people. Runs a bogus illegal motorcycle towing, telemarketing and credit card scam in NYC using a Florida and NYC numbers. Real number 2123007666 hollis ny not Brooklyn Spam his email tlttowingnyc@yahoo.com see how he likes it or Call it and tell it to stop harassing the public. This animal is a known felon and has been arrested for harassing people and credit card scammer. Well known computer hacker and pedophile. Go to his residence and ask him why he must harass everyone and let him feel what aggravation feels like. Drives a jalopy maroon/silver black truck 4 door by elementary schools and masturbates to it.vespa tlt towing 2123007666 bad person wrote it written by tony of tltmc and white truck
2015-07-28 09:24:49
16056534339 / +1 (605) 653-4339
Get rich quick scam call
2015-07-27 18:47:23
19315550175 / +1 (931) 555-0175
These M*********ers called me at 7 in the morning when i was asleep and i just hang up the phone because i was half asleep but when i realized they woke me up for no good reason i got sleepy-mad and i couldnt stop thinking about all the insults i would have thrown to them and so much that i had trouble falling asleep again! Insult theme for me if you can when they'll call you please :D!
2015-07-27 15:57:50
13862694536 / +1 (386) 269-4536
I got a call today from this number. said the call was from Cyprus. it was a verification call from Cyprus for granting Visa.
2015-07-27 07:19:44
17089654283 / +1 (708) 965-4283
Hi, I see this number too, and when I pick up the phone they don't say anything. Maybe a matter for the police!?
2015-07-24 20:52:09
12267810804 / +1 (226) 781-0804
Conservative Party of Canada, London (ON) number.
2015-07-24 19:44:53
19726560522 / +1 (972) 656-0522
Got a call from that number 2 days in a row about emergency room visits 2 months ago Wtf are you serious I can't stand calls like this his are these people getting any information let alone I don't remember any visits on those days they called about
2015-07-24 19:07:27
17772863147 / +1 (777) 286-3147
Just received call from+1 777-286-3147 and asked same question.any update about this.
2015-07-24 14:52:30
12094958874 / +1 (209) 495-8874
2015-07-24 03:18:51
18887601382 / +1 (888) 760-1382
same thing happen here
2015-07-24 00:05:43
18009220204 / +1 (800) 922-0204
Igot this call while on verizon
2015-07-23 22:34:36
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Yes! I hung up on the people. Medical services, I don't think so. My insurance company pays for them.
2015-07-23 16:25:09
18009139106 / +1 (800) 913-9106
I received a phone call from this same phone number stating that I owed them money for an emergency services call. I don't owe anyone as it would have been paid by my insurance.
2015-07-23 16:19:12
18889137489 / +1 (888) 913-7489
I keep getting messages from this number saying is the Hudson county collector to call them back, I don't even live or ever lived in Hudson Co. and I don't owe anybody money.
2015-07-23 13:58:31
18884449088 / +1 (888) 444-9088
I searched for “computer repair” on the Internet, and then specifically on Kijiji’s website. I sifted through many ads, called a few people for quotes, and then landed at “Majestic Online’s” ad. Finding Dawid was a lifesaver for me, after I came through a guy from Kijiji named “Kim” and a mess he created on my computer some weeks back. This person advertises on free Kijiji with “Free Computer Tune-Up Service Available” (416-625-3777). Please beware of him and his lacking computer knowledge and skills. The first best thing about Dawid is that he works REMOTELY. He attacked my computer problems with me being in the comfort of my home, right at my ailing computer, and just sitting back and watching. From the get-go, the guy’s computer knowledge and skill were evident: he was flying through hundreds of areas on my computer, through settings, drives, drivers, and he would quite often zip super-quickly on the Internet to demonstrate to me what I needed, what I did not have, or to just to take the time to explain things to me by showing me information and sites on the Internet. I knew almost immediately I had found GOLD in this computer repairman, for help and for instruction. Knowing I was both messed up and ripped off by the “Kim” previously, and left with my new laptop virtually unfunctional after Kim replaced my operating system inadequately, and just plain wrongly, Dawid offered to install the correct version of the OS I wanted and needed at a cut-rate price. By the end of the hours and hours of work and his time that the man generously and graciously gave me – to reverse Kim’s damage to my computer, and to overcome some known HP driver challenges he encountered for my computer - his work was essentially free. This was stunning to me. Dawid gave me a very low price, yet did not request a penny more, as he was fully entitled to do. Though I was only able to pay him a small amount beyond what he charged me, as I was feeling guilty for the time he invested in me and my problems, how I wished it could have been way more to approach what he was worth to me. Dawid is my only go-to person in the future for any computer issues I have because: -- He is tenacious and gracious: he remained with my computer problems until the very end, going **well beyond** what I had expected and paid for -- He is very, very knowledgeable and experienced with computers and various operating systems. The guy truly knows his stuff!!! -- Having gotten quotes from him for other computer work I’ll want in the future, I know his prices are very REASONABLE -- He went beyond wiping off the incorrect operating system installed on my computer and replacing it with the correct one. At the end of his work, he ensured I had a good (and free), comprehensive anti-virus installed, along with ensuring that all my needed settings were in place and ready for me to go. He ensured my computer’s performance was optimized, saving me the trouble of having to set anything up myself -- He is very approachable, very pleasant and fun to deal with, but he takes his work seriously, and he is very thorough, to ensure he does everything that is needed -- I know that for any hardware or software needs I’ll have in the future, he’s my one phone call to make, with the great BONUS of never having to leave my home Thank you, Dawid!!! Thank you for truly being the lifesaver you have been to me and my computer. I’m flying now, too!!!!!
2015-07-22 17:15:12
18884449088 / +1 (888) 444-9088
buddy your the scam [***] , seriously your ***ed in the HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THIS [***] YOU PEOPLE WROTE IS A SCAM
2015-07-22 16:49:41
19179798838 / +1 (917) 979-8838
Somebody call me with this number today. . .i'm working in KSA. . .he asked me a couple of question & said i am entitled for possible immigration to Australia. The guy told me that he is calling from UK but his country code is in US. . . .he asking my credit card but I said . . .i forgot in home. . .and he decided to call me back later. . .Thanks for the post guys. . .now I know this is a scam!!! Beware
2015-07-22 13:50:46
12096520473 / +1 (209) 652-0473
Salida california cheater HECTOR VELAZQUEZ or HECTOR R VELAZQUEZ DOB 01 / 07 / 1970 tjmaxx modesto california area Arrested in southern California In jail 1988 Warning Warning Hector r velazquez Cheater exposed Salida california
2015-07-19 03:51:03
13365440753 / +1 (336) 544-0753
Random survey call.. they want to ask you questions about consumer products.
2015-07-18 18:51:23
13213283853 / +1 (321) 328-3853
These call on a constant basis harrassing everyday starting sometimes at 6 am
2015-07-17 13:22:37

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