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18555613603 / +1 (855) 561-3603
I called Phil too and told him that if they keep calling, I will be taking this matter to a higher authority as this is harassment. He said it will take up to 48 hours. Hopefully this will work as I will go and report these guys.
2015-05-29 01:18:15
18884169357 / +1 (888) 416-9357
We are authorized dealer, and received call inquiring on machine today.... We are aware of these SCAMS.. do not give info and they hang up...
2015-05-28 16:40:36
18447699880 / +1 (844) 769-9880
Apply for a job and automatically received in less than 5 minutes 2 calls from this number and 305-702-4373. Don't call anymore!!
2015-05-28 15:30:42
18886513385 / +1 (888) 651-3385
Idiots called me at 6 am in California. Some nonsense about electric and power. They had been trying me for "weeks" - bullshit number and line. Feel like it was fraud. It came in on a secondary line for my business that is hardly used. Very unusual.
2015-05-28 13:22:50
12065084014 / +1 (206) 508-4014
2015-05-26 20:02:22
12064523801 / +1 (206) 452-3801
The same just happened to me and if they are giving me money, why do they need me to give them money. That is not right.
2015-05-26 16:53:58
18558804795 / +1 (855) 880-4795
Its been 3 weeks, every alternate 4 hours I get a call from 855-880-4795 number. When I pickup the phone, no one talks and line is kind of silent. They dont leave VM and apparently if it goes to my VM, then I could hear a chaos in the background like multiple people talking over the phone. Not sure whats going on. This is becoming very annoying day-by-day. Not sure from where they got my number. Yesterday in frustration, I picked up the phone, I said..."Say something you ..... or Stop calling me you...."
2015-05-22 13:25:30
19179798838 / +1 (917) 979-8838
anjiiiiirrr gua di tlp truz mxsud.a pa nope tu nlpon trus gan numpang nanya nope tu dari negara mana!!!!! dah tu ja
2015-05-22 06:42:44
18556954284 / +1 (855) 695-4284
This number belongs to a K-Designers home remodeling company. Wouldn't know anything about them and don't trust them either.
2015-05-22 01:48:34
19542527556 / +1 (954) 252-7556
Got called today but they did not leave a message.
2015-05-21 18:56:08
19712590024 / +1 (971) 259-0024
Telemarketing for home security offers
2015-05-20 13:00:25
18046010769 / +1 (804) 601-0769
Yes, I did the same thing. I did some marketing for my business on CL to a few parents that needed sitters and nannies . She/He (Susan Wiggins)replied with a few messages that were too good to be true. Before I sent her any personal information I asked to have a Skype Chat or Google Video Chat and she never agreed. I told her to call me and she didnt do that either. Then I googled her name and this came up. Thank God for Google. Be on HIGH ALERT FOR THIS GUY/LADY "My name is Susan Wiggins, I am the head civil engineer with NRFC Construction. Ontario Canada an affiliate of Shimmick Construction and Renovation Co USA… I just went through your email as a good caregiver for infants. Hence I would want to leave my 3 year old daughter Juliana in your care everyday as I would accompany 3 other delegates for an inspection tour of one of our Building project located near you in the United States. The inspection tour implies that I leave my hotel some few hours every day to the Building site and back home, this would make it difficult to take care of my kid; this tour would stretch from 29th of May through 29th of June. I need someone who can do 5 hours a day Monday – Friday. I would like to know your number of times and hours of availability weekly basis as soon as we arrive. So I can schedule my appointment of leaving home daily… I’m offering $20 an hour plus gas / negotiable, as I would want all condition conducive for both you and Juliana while in your care. Juliana is adorable and gets along easily with people, never allergic and sleeps a lot, I would be sending you her PICTURE as soon as I get a reply from you indicating your readiness to care for her everyday before I return."
2015-05-19 23:59:21
17772790608 / +1 (777) 279-0608
All you need to contact your bank. there is a dispute form available on each bank online website. download it. fill it and send it to your bank. they will refund your money....
2015-05-19 18:35:14
17772790608 / +1 (777) 279-0608
Man you really need to see this, www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axact They are pure Pakistanis not indians. They are billionaires now. they have stolen lots of money from foolish people around the globe. now they are caught by FIA Govt. of Pakistan. as of 19-05-2015 read it on New York Times newspaper.
2015-05-19 18:09:48
16614131022 / +1 (661) 413-1022
Caller said they were from the "Home Design Center" and wanted to see if I needed any work done. I'm on the "Do Not Call List" which seems to do no good.
2015-05-19 17:50:20
13473320595 / +1 (347) 332-0595
Received a call from Jennifer claiming to be a rep for Midas, stating the security certificate was out of date on my computer. I hung up believing this to be a scam they called back twice then spoke to my fiancé and told him if we did not renew the certificate they would shut down the computer. We don't own a computer.
2015-05-19 13:34:02
19177175944 / +1 (917) 717-5944
the same number called me and ask me few questions and after answering him said am qualify for Canadian visa and i should give him my first 6digit number on my credit card.i gave and after much noise still insist i complete the number i refuse and told him is wrong given out my credit card number on phone to strangers.i cut off the phone..dis are scammers
2015-05-19 11:40:28
18046010769 / +1 (804) 601-0769
Oh GOd, now he change his name to Susan Wiggins. Asking me to care for Juliana ....please be careful of your information.
2015-05-18 14:22:54
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Dr. Carolyn E Hughes MD Portland VA Medical Center 3710 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road Portland, OR 97239 503-220-8262 This doctor is was used by the Veterans Administration Medical Clinic (VAMC) for medical examinations. She did not review the veterans medical records before the visit and did not follow prescribed examination procedures. She indicated the workload was too high to comprehensively review records to determine the disabilities and how it effects our disabled veterans. This type of doctor is more concerned with her paycheck and bonuses, rather than objectively evaluating veterans. Another fine example of the medical community lacking ethics and not following best medical practices. I hope she does not harm more of our disabled veteran community.
2015-05-16 19:17:54
16785866115 / +1 (678) 586-6115
If u text that number its someone else's number now
2015-05-16 01:29:34

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