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18557709879 / +1 (855) 770-9879
Its not a legit thing. I called them because that same pop up kept popping up on me. Any link I click it would happen. Its malware. From something on your computer. They claim to be microsoft service line. When they aren't microsoft dropped these guys a long time ago.
2015-05-04 23:49:28
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yes , very helpful, thank you!
2015-05-04 21:20:22
12483011515 / +1 (248) 301-1515
This number has been calling me for 1 1/ 2 years asking me to buy a warrenty for a new car I bought 4 1/2 years ago. I sold this car a year ago and have told them this AT LEAST 3 dozen times. Sometimes when you ask them to stop calling, sound frustrated, tell them you no longer have the car, etc., they will call several more times that day! Definately some passive-aggressive losers working their phone soliciting list!
2015-05-04 21:19:49
13057914981 / +1 (305) 791-4981
Did he try to sell you a animal? Because I'm considering buying an animal through him but it seems suspicious?
2015-05-03 22:52:35
19712590024 / +1 (971) 259-0024
Called today, asked if I had a security system for my house, I told him I have several from Smith & Wesson, he hung up.
2015-05-01 20:21:38
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"Who is Calling Me" IS THE BEST- no account necessary and THANKS TO ALL that take the time to SUBMIT INFO !
2015-05-01 15:40:23
12670010002 / +1 (267) 001-0002
number 1 267 001 0002 --folks ? if u don't know who the hell it even COULD BE, why answer ? some of us are from the dark ages prior to cell phone w/CALLER ID and WOULD ANSWER as we didn't have a clue and refused to pay ma bell,verizon whatever ANOTHER DIME for caller ID- and yeah that "do not call " registry works SOMETIMES. sign on with that and GET AFTER THEM WHEN THESE BS CALLS COME THROUGH.
2015-05-01 15:38:34
18553038333 / +1 (855) 303-8333
I don't understand what just happened. I called back this lissed call and when he picked up he said it was ATT. I can hear in the background other people on the phone, typical noise of a call center however the man who helped was so inexperienced it really lead me to believe it was fraud and someone "physhing" for my personal information. Although they did not ask for anything and only mentioned that it was a "courtsey call" to followup with my service it still left me pretty nervous. I can swear that this person had never made a call in his life. Extremely nervous, mumering and speeking very fast.
2015-04-30 18:26:10
19542527556 / +1 (954) 252-7556
lyer new car, yea okay, what ever.....
2015-04-29 20:24:06
12020001111 / +1 (202) 000-1111
"District of Columbia " was the name for the number. It's foreigners wanting to grant me $7000 for something stupid and doesn't make sense. They are pushy and say you have 3 options to claim the grant. The whole thing is a scam. Don't answer. They'll continue to call you until they give up.
2015-04-29 19:28:03
19179798838 / +1 (917) 979-8838
I got a call today and told me that i can work in austria
2015-04-29 10:05:52
16073639777 / +1 (607) 363-9777
I also got this phone called to me, I'm afraid that I should be paid for any receiving the phone. They hang up so quickly!
2015-04-29 08:28:51
15178263085 / +1 (517) 826-3085
when I answered they said they were "call referrals" and asked me if I was still interested in furthering my education. However I had not indicated that on anything I'd been filling out online. Not sure why I was contacted by them. "Call Referrals" was the name of the business they said they were calling from. Hope this helps you.
2015-04-28 22:56:14
16156451664 / +1 (615) 645-1664
Just got a call here in Vancouver, BC. I didn't answer and the fools didn't leave a voice mail. Looks like it's a Nashville TN number. It's now blocked.
2015-04-28 22:34:31
10000464453 / +1 (000) 046-4453
This is Number of google which you want to recover lost mail call you to ensure
2015-04-28 18:50:45
19179798903 / +1 (917) 979-8903
i think its about Emigration to USA i saw an advertisement on face book from 2 days and go to application page and write my name and phone and when i found credit card application i live the page take care there is some people make such this sites to take our money sorry 4 my English im from egypt
2015-04-27 19:38:56
19179798838 / +1 (917) 979-8838
2015-04-26 14:08:38
18778664777 / +1 (877) 866-4777
2015-04-24 23:18:13
15173662394 / +1 (517) 366-2394
did anything come of this call your received? they are calling me now and I don't know how to get them to stop.
2015-04-24 19:00:34
18448771700 / +1 (844) 877-1700
Get this got a call from rep has hawking what they called US Standard Firestorm. Told me its the only magnesium /sodium/urea blend containing patented Firestorm This combination makes it unequalled in power as well as safety. Every particle of Firestorm is treated with FS2000™ to allow for maximum speed and lowest possible melt temperature. This prevents refreezing even under challenging conditions.FS2000™. This combination makes it unequalled in power as well as safety. Every particle of Firestorm™ is treated with FS2000™ to allow for maximum speed and lowest possible melt temperature. This prevents refreezing even under challenging conditions. I am perfectly happy with the ice melt I currently use. Wish they stopped calling.
2015-04-24 13:49:08

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