Phone Number: 12024558888 / +1 (202) 455-8888

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  1. Anonymous

    I am in the UK. They called me at 23.24 Saturday night on my work phone. I do not have a google account and I did not request any call back. I didn’t answer the call so can’t confirm who it was

  2. Anonymous

    Phone and followup with text. Confirm ed not legitimate sender.

  3. Anonymous

    Phone and followup with text. Confirm ed not legitimate sender.

  4. Anonymous

    This caller said he was Barrack Hussein Obama and he was trying to see if there were any children that wanted to take a boat ride with him and George Clooney that would give them **** while Mikey **** watching and Joe Biden **** watching Mikey jack of

  5. Anonymous

    iPhone User Called my landline that never use. Scammer

  6. Anonymous

    verification code for google account

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Been getting multiple calls from this number and I think it’s away to get google verification code

  8. Anonymous

    Who is eagle communication? Said this phone be call is for athintifcation.

  9. Anonymous

    Continuously calls and leaves no message

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous reported this number as SPAM on June 12, 2022

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous reported this number as SPAM on June 12, 2022

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Spam – google authorization code

  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Spam – google authorization code

  14. Anonymous

    Calling to drop off a package and I should send $300 first

  15. Anonymous

    Calling to drop off a package and I should send $300 first

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous reported this number as SPAM on June 28, 2022

  17. Anonymous

    They called at 1:47 AM. Really? I wish someone would have answered so they could learn a few new words.

  18. Anonymous

    Google codes for verification

  19. Anonymous

    They give me info on my litigation

  20. Anonymous

    They called me as well but didn’t pick up my cell. I live in Poland/Europe so that’s strange they calling overseas too.

  21. Anonymous

    called me twice didn’t pick up .. live in Ireland.

  22. Anonymous

    iPhone User I think he’s a hacker. Jon D Gregg or Matthews Wyatt. Def located in DC area. His employment record implies he’s a money hungry, ruthless, and selfish finance bro looking to scare you into providing information. If it seems weird, then it probably IS weird. I was hacked last night and then this call came thru. I obviously didn’t pick up. Please beware!

  23. Anonymous

    It was giving me my verification code. I didn’t request it so I’m guessing people are trying to hack accounts

  24. Anonymous

    I live in Morocco and received a call from this number this morning and it was a google voice that gave me a combination of numbers and asked me to not google it or talk about it with anyone. Then I freaked out and hang up

  25. Anonymous

    Only left message about code. No name of caller or reference what the code was in regards to.

  26. Anonymous

    I call the number they just hang up and i be calling a lot and now they don’t answer.

  27. Anonymous

    They are having google codes sent to my phone I never requested.

  28. Anonymous

    Jonathon D Gregg keeps calling fake google codes steals real ones

  29. Anonymous

    Gave me an unasked for google acct code.

  30. Anonymous

    Some call about some code number. I manually blocked the number. Problem solved!

  31. Anonymous

    This phone number is used by Google for authentication purpose

  32. Anonymous

    Gave a code I did not ask for. I did not answer but saw the message left in the transcript. I also had three texts from this and other DC phone numbers.

  33. Anonymous

    3 separate texts and 2 phone calls sending verification codes I didn’t ask for at 3 AM ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  34. Anonymous

    Well, I did not answer the phone so I dont know what they wanted. I live in Brasil and I dont have any business or family relationaship in the USA.

  35. Anonymous

    left no message no answer to my call back

  36. Anonymous

    They sent me a Google verification code

  37. Anonymous

    Left a 4 digit code on my voicemail at 4:07 am.

  38. Anonymous

    I didn’t answer they called at 3:40 am and when I called my voice mail it was just a bunch of numbers

  39. Anonymous

    Random 6 digit code when my Google account was signed into Uk-

  40. Anonymous

    He told me about google verification code I’m Tanzanian 🇹🇿 I don’t know anything about it

  41. Anonymous

    I didn’t answer But a minute before the call I got a Google verification code??

  42. Anonymous

    Anonymous call pretending to be Google Tel Vrfc, with security code given, followed shortly by another scam call with security code

  43. Anonymous

    Didn’t answer but a a six digits code i received Pretending that google has sent ,a minute before the call . I didn’t ask for any codes , i don’t remember i have a google account 😳

  44. Anonymous

    Anonymous I was harassed by this number for days before I blocked. Definitely scammer!

  45. Anonymous

    Went to voice mail. Scammer faking google. Attempted google hack.

  46. Anonymous

    It’s not a scammer but it means someone is trying to access your Google account. They can’t

  47. Anonymous

    iPhone User I kept resetting my Google account because the UI was going into a loop at home. This is the number that called me but I found out it was a man in the middle attack sending and calling after the request was received

  48. Anonymous

    Called 3 times. 3 voice-mails giving different codes at 5:54am, 6:00am and 6:01am. Then it said goodbye after giving each code.

  49. Anonymous

    Wrote the government on an issue…few minutes later got a call from this Washington DC navy yard number…phone is echoing now.

  50. Anonymous

    google verification on an automated message

  51. Anonymous

    Left a voice mail with some code that I didn’t remember asking for

  52. Anonymous

    Recording saying to not share the google code they were to give me. I hung up. They called at 4:38 A.M. That’s illegal!!

  53. Anonymous

    Called my house at 11 o’clock last night, Washington D.C, caller ID. I just unplugged the phone. F’in scammers, they all need to be taken out and hung

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