Phone Number: 13109058746 / +1 (310) 905-8746

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  1. Anonymous

    hii James Charles im a big fan of yours I watched (my friends draw makeup looks) at the end I loved the one when you did the flower look.

  2. Anonymous

    hii James Charles im a big fan of yours I watched (my friends draw makeup looks) at the end I loved the one when you did the flower look.

  3. Anonymous

    this may be a scammer and they could have had a filter of him on here.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi sister luv the makeup looks and stuff pls respond to my Insta @Bxddie_bbg

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    omg i love your vids and am a huge fan your your channle!

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    Hi this is James Charles you will be alerted when we have new merge and everything awesome like that.

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    I love James Char;es and I always will!

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  15. Anonymous

    hi I really want to call you Im a big fan

  16. Anonymous

    He said I am James Charles

  17. Anonymous

    This number is not a spammer

  18. Anonymous

    This number is not a spammer

  19. Anonymous


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    JAMES CHARELS IM A HUGE FAN KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK could you plz say karson in one of your vids? thx luv u

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    we had a full fonvo like it was a real person

  27. Anonymous

    I called him so yeah, but he’s not a spammer, he might have changed his number after ppl kept calling him but yeah, he put it at the bottom of some of his videos at the end of them, here’s one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq8mjyyTRTM, go to 13:25 and itll say

  28. Anonymous

    This is James Charles’s number.

  29. Anonymous

    hey sisters its james charles here! hehehe

  30. Anonymous

    he ask for my CREDIT CARD information, then ask me what age i am (i am 8 years old) then he was like want to get FREAKY (he is 42) i was like YAS cause he is james charles ( my favoir AMONG US (SUS) youtuber)

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    James Charles is so rude and I don’t want to meet him

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