Phone Number: 13608429999 / +1 (360) 842-9999

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous My woman calls out to this but nothing.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Just tryna find out who my man calling

  3. Anonymous

    Android User They been calling my dudes number when I try to call it it’s af I’m blocked

  4. Anonymous

    Android User They been calling my dudes number when I try to call it it’s af I’m blocked

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Trying to figure out who this is but blocked

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Trying to figure out who this is but blocked

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Damn this hoe get around.

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous How come my man can receive n send calls to this number but I can’t! What type of **** is this!!

  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous That’s crazy this number says in my call log but if I call I gets no where! Who the **** is this!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Seen multiple times on my mans phone log calls outgoing and incoming whenever i tried calling from my phone the call gets dropped

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous My man calls this number numerous times a day but when I call it’s blocked… WTF IS GOING ON

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous I need to know who number this is

  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous This number is on my husband phone alot I call and it say it don’t work 😞😠😠😠

  14. Anonymous

    number used for commiting fraud This phone number was used on my phone after it was stolen. It has been used to commit fraud and numerous levels. Has been reported to police.

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous I find it interesting that all men have this on their bill no women, my husband has this on his bill showing him calling and receiving calls but when I call it drops call.

  16. Anonymous

    No but it calls my number all the time don’t no who it is

  17. Anonymous

    Deborah Ott I contacted boost and they told me that this number is what shows up on your bill when somebody calls you and it automatically goes to voicemail it’s recorded that way on your bill and this number shows up it’s not something shady or another woman sorry

  18. Anonymous

    Android User My phone was stolen. I checked my account and this number was called several times ..

  19. Anonymous

    iPhone User This number is the number that shows up when you use your messenger app to make a phone call usually used to hide identity of other person in whom they are calling. Try it for yourself go make a call from messenger then check your phone record

  20. Anonymous

    Jessica Tweaker, ****, trys to break up families just she truly gives no **** to anyone but herself and barely that stupid **** have him bye ****

  21. Anonymous

    What kind of number is this mobile online or land line???

  22. Anonymous

    There was a url message that said have a nice day

  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Anyone know who this is ???? Keeps calling my husband guessing that’s not good

  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Her name is Lisa she does “business” with my boyfriend

  25. Anonymous

    Diana This girl goes by the name Diana on messenger, tries 2 get ur man 2 meet her at motels

  26. Anonymous

    Diana I caught her talking to my bf wanting him to come to a motel

  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous well my boyfriend took the bait too. he has been calling her since early march. he moved out friday. didn’t leave area YET. Bet he found true love after we have known each other 36 years and together the last 3 year. hope she or he doesn’t take all his money

  28. Anonymous

    Anonymous for everyone I figured it out. it is a number that pops up when a blocked caller calls or someone calls voicemail. i am blocked on i guess (ex) boyfriends and it took a while to pop up, but it did. But if a 276 444 0383 number shows up. she told me her name was jasmine when she texted me back. boyfriend finally admitted to calling her but says they never met. I think she is a facebook scammer as he has friended quite a few with very few pictures and really new facebook accts. told her she could keep him. he promised he would never cheat knowing I had been through it before. I don’t care if they never met…he had intentions or would never had called her !!

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t know they just keep calling

  30. Anonymous

    Anonymous That # is showing up my husband phone too.. he’s call that # a lot .. if anyone knows how I can find her # or Facebook anything.. Ladies my husband Randy is a cheater WTF 🤬 😭

  31. Anonymous

    Anonymous Calling a lot 47 time number is restricted used to block numbers

  32. Anonymous

    iPhone User Can you tell me how Can a daily this number Because you said it’s a man but when I dial 360 842 9999 I can never get a dial tone ???

  33. Anonymous

    iPhone User Can you found out who this number belong on my husband calls show on the bill he did 10 Call daily and he call the customer care getting up set because he’s not calling this number Can you please tell me something

  34. Anonymous

    iPhone User Why on my husband telephone show he call 10 times daily and when we call again after checking our calls on the bill we can not get a answer , o the call not going thru , we don’t know this number who a call can show we did a call with out doing it ??

  35. Anonymous

    iPhone User How can we found who’s using or services to make calls We need to report this because you said this number belong to somebody

  36. Anonymous

    Jody smith Text now, I’m assuming it’s a sent text message because text now uses wifi, so it kinda makes sense.

  37. Anonymous

    I dont know but this number was on my husband call log over 157 times now it done got some **** started with me and him Cause im like who calling him that many **** times WTF who is it i keep calling but no answer I NEED ANSWER I DONT PLAY GAMES LIKE THIS VERY SERIOUS MY MARRIAGE RIDING ON THIS I DONT DO CHEATERS SO SOMEBODY BETTER ANSWER ME LIKE WHT THE **** REALLY

  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous I have over 200 calls from this number

  39. Anonymous

    Android User Any idea who this might be .. There are about 20 1 min calls .. I know its from crawfordsville indiana .. And i know they/ he is a hoeass dude ..

  40. Anonymous

    Android User Any idea who this might be .. There are about 20 1 min calls .. I know its from crawfordsville indiana .. And i know they/ he is a hoeass dude ..

  41. Anonymous

    marytinez txt now that make good sense now how do i find out what his number in txtnow app **** men are **** can be straight with there girls he better hope i dont find out because she dead and iam crazy !!!

  42. Anonymous

    Anonymousmartinez i post 3 comments on this and there not even show wtf

  43. Anonymous

    Anonymous My old lady calls it daily to

  44. Anonymous

    20 1 min calls dont know who this is it down my husbands call log

  45. Anonymous

    Anonymous same number i seeing my husband calling 3608429999

  46. Anonymous

    Anonymous Same number my fiance calls few times a day…all one min calls

  47. Anonymous

    Brandy J. This has to have something to do with all the porn sites these “ phones” are visiting!!! My bf gets 20+ calls a day and night from (360) 842-9999. No one ever says anything. Can’t call it back. Ridiculous!!!

  48. Anonymous

    Anonymous Yeah well they cheating with her I’m going thru it

  49. Anonymous

    Anonymous my entire phone history has two numbers for an entire three months and one is my son and one is this number 360-842-9999 it shows none of the other people I spoke to during that 90-day period I’m baffled

  50. Anonymous

    Android User It comes up Lisa Yeilding according to Been Varified

  51. Anonymous

    Anonymous from Springfield IL I am currently dealing with the same thing. My boyfriend keeps having this number in his call log yet he swears he doesn’t have any idea who still is.

  52. Anonymous

    Lisa Yielding Same thing with me and my boyfriend it shows he called out to that number repeatedly but that number has never called in weird I think it is one of those **** sites or phone numbers I bet they both lying

  53. Anonymous

    Lisa Yielding Same thing with me and my boyfriend it shows he called out to that number repeatedly but that number has never called in weird I think it is one of those **** sites or phone numbers I bet they both lying

  54. Anonymous

    KuriousKat What is up with this craps? My husband has called this number over 200 times in 6 weeks! What gives?

  55. Anonymous

    Anonymous After I call boost about this number they say that they don’t know the number and that the number is block but after hours it show up again so if boost block the number how is it still showing up

  56. Anonymous


  57. Anonymous


  58. Anonymous

    Anonymous Strange this number is in my husbands phone to

  59. Anonymous

    Anonymous lisa yeilding and her son john reed

  60. Anonymous

    Anonymous lisa yeilding and her son john reed

  61. Anonymous

    This number is only boyfriend call log What r is this

  62. Anonymous

    Anonymous My husband’s phone as well.. only 1 minute conversations each time..

  63. Anonymous

    Anonymous So after reading all these comments, my bf has these calls going out at odd times when i install the whatsapp app it tells me to invite him… as soon as you put the app on ur phone you have to sync it with ur number soooo this is really odd. It always says outgoing call 1/3 min at odd times and call call it back.

  64. Anonymous

    Anonymous this number is all over my boyfriends call history as well

  65. Anonymous

    Anonymous this number is on my bill alot but nowhere in my recent calls

  66. Anonymous

    Anonymous So is this number made up or from a number from a porn site

  67. Anonymous

    Anonymous So is this number made up or from a number from a porn site

  68. Anonymous

    This number shows up under my outgoing calls for boost mobile on my phone.. I never called this number ..no one has used my phone..if you are with boost mobile weird numbers show up on out going calls ..boost need to fix this .. it’s really starting some fights in marriages

  69. Anonymous

    Anonymous Just found out my boyfriend lied to me and he subscribe to Snapchat fans only now this number shows up it’s not a coincidence that’s why it’s an odd number so I would check to see if your man has subscribe to fans only on his Snapchat if you see this phone number

  70. Anonymous

    Anonymous It’s a sex site! Snapchat (Sextext).. tinder… It’s them talking to the girls!

  71. Anonymous

    Nothing said just in boostmobile activity history on my husband’s account

  72. Anonymous

    Anonymous Coming up in my of calls on boost account but don’t make any calls to the number. I’m getting accused of cheating daily because of this!!!!

  73. Anonymous

    Anonymous Yes this phone # shows up in boyfriend phone every day 4 to 5 times a day & he denies calling or talking to anyone from this phone number.and then he accuses me of cheating on him calling me names sicko, liar etc

  74. Anonymous

    Donna Perez Hey ladies if you have Boost Mobile please step back from the accusations. I almost divorced my husband after he denied denied denied. I look at our call log the next day and the **** numbers were on my call list also. My husband doesn’t even know my pin to get into my phone. I called boost and they said don’t worry your not getting charged extra for these calls. I told them that they were fu*c*ed up. They almost caused a marriage of 25 years to end. I believe boost lets them divide the numbers between their customers. Please don’t tear your relationship apart over these lies. I also kept my husbands phone for 3 days and the numbers were still appearing on the call list.

  75. Anonymous

    Number is on my husband’s bill 81 times but not in his call logs.

  76. Anonymous

    Anonymous I call and it wants a PIN number

  77. Anonymous

    The phone number is unavailable

  78. Anonymous

    ID k its a number from my girl friends phone

  79. Anonymous

    Anonymous This guy has been calling me for months and asking me to lick or sniff my genitals. Or if my genitals are hairy.

  80. Anonymous

    Anonymous Its been showing up on my oldmans phone and he says he don’t call it its an outgoing call from his phone

  81. Anonymous

    Anonymous THIS number appears on our log everyday 5 or more times. IT causes so much trouble in relationships. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

  82. Anonymous

    Not sure if this is a spammer or not

  83. Anonymous

    Anonymous Have this number as an outgoing number on my call list at all different hours of the day. From 4:00am and sporadically through out the day. I have never called this number and I have never set up my Voice Mail.

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