Phone Number: 14699829999 / +1 (469) 982-9999

If you got a bizarre call or undesirable SMS message from the telephone number 14699829999, or just went over this number and you don't remember it and need realize who called you, you are not likely the one to focus on. On this page, you can see the remarks of the telephone number 14699829999 from others. If the telephone number is regularly looked, so you might conceivably discover who possesses the number 14699829999 and other data about telephone numbers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Text Free Same here it’s on my man’s phone multiple times it’s probably spam

  2. Anonymous

    Scandal It’s when someone uses a text free app using different number

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Ya they are all cheating I just found out for sure

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Kevin water sounds familiar.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Kevin water sounds familiar.

  6. Anonymous

    Looking for my husband I think it’s child support

  7. Anonymous

    Looking for my husband I think it’s child support

  8. Anonymous

    Text free app! Going to some backpage call girl! Whew….. somebody better start packing their s*it!

  9. Anonymous

    Eric V Something stinks and it sure isn’t me!!

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Similar experience thought my husband was lying and using a texting app he called our phone company boost and they explained it was not a text app!!

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous It comes up on my screen all the time as if I’ve been calling it and I haven’. Thin k its a number that actually spoofs me and when they spoof people it looks like I’ve called somebody when I call the number..this is my best guess.. itsays it’s been restricted.

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous I have this number on my husband’s calling log outgoing. I call and won’t go through so i downloaded the Google voice app and textme app they do go through. Gave me my own personal number but if the other caller does not have your pin the other caller will not answer if they do not know you. I called phone company and it’s like they leave each other voicemails to communicate with a pin. So i ask husband has no idea so I’m trying to figure out if he has these apps since they are the only way to get through these numbers.

  13. Anonymous

    Criminal activity is reported about call back this number to speak to a police officer press 2

  14. Anonymous

    Criminal activity is reported about call back this number to speak to a police officer press 2

  15. Anonymous

    AnonymousSecy No it’s ok actually a number you can only get if you belong to those sex porn groups

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous So Im confused, cause its on my husband phone too everyday. So his it a number to help them cheat? Or is it spam? which one is it? I need to know cause a **** like me will have to start investigating! Pls help

  17. Anonymous

    Going to jail if I don’t pay. Fine

  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous what type of number is this?

  19. Anonymous

    gary multiple calls to my number notnone by us

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Stop calling my number and send it pictures stop doing that

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous So I’m confused, cause its on my husband phone too everyday. So his it a number to help them cheat? Or is it spam? which one is it? I need to know cause a **** like me will have to start investigating! Pls help

  22. Anonymous

    I suspect my husband having a affair

  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous This is on my husband’s phone too. I don’t know oi have been accusing him of cheating which he is denying so this number is bothersome but I don’t know what to say about it but I think I will tryout some cheating apps and see if they are the same

  24. Anonymous

    Lady for husband sex related

  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous I’ve seen this number on my wife’s phone and now my son’s phone. I believe it is a free line or number that is used when you don’t want anyone to trace who you’ve been talking to.

  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous I’ve seen this number on my wife’s phone and now my son’s phone. I believe it is a free line or number that is used when you don’t want anyone to trace who you’ve been talking to.

  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Same thing here been accusing my husband of cheating it’s unanimous majority rules he is a liar and a cheater I think it’s wierd a lot of comments refer to boost that’s my husband cell company and why is that? It even looks like he has his own fake business so that he can do group meetings and what ever else having a business can offer like multiple phone lines and voicemails for free. Wtf is up with these dirtbags all along im sure we are the ones that have had many more reasons to cheat. These limp **** **** heads. After the age of 40.

  28. Anonymous

    Android User This number is all over my boyfriend’s call log. Can anyone tell me DEFINITELY what the number is?

  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous whose number is this

  30. Anonymous

    Anonymous My carrier is booster mobile this number shows on my boyfriend’s call log when I confronted him about it he said it must have been a pocket dial but I had noticed that it was in his clipboard where he had copied and pasted it so I had called the number and I got to get through one time on my phone it was a voicemail service to where he can listen to his voicemail or leave a voicemail for somebody when I call from his phone it was let me through but I couldn’t get the voicemail password cuz I don’t know exactly if it’s for him to get his messages or leave a message either way he’s lying about the number in a pocket dial he’s been calling it for over a month I didn’t check further in history no need to and besides how often do you pocket dial the same number different days it’s ridiculous but if it’s on your call log I believe that’s what the number is and I think that the person who’s using the number can blacklist our phone number from actually being able to call it somehow I haven’t figured it out yet but I’m still looking

  31. Anonymous

    Anonymous Same its all over my husband phone

  32. Anonymous

    Anonymous Check your partners phone for what’s app.. if they using it, they cheating.. the texts don’t show up on the phone logs.. you can just see your partners phone sending out texts but nothing coming in.. n anytime they call thru WhatsApp that’s the number that shows up

  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous This is a number used by WhatsApp. Yes if your doing it, they probably cheating. I know my spouse was..

  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous So what’s your boyfriend’s name maybe I can give you a girl’s name

  35. Anonymous

    Anonymous It is a sex hook up live cams number. They will leave a message for your man

  36. Anonymous

    Boost Mobile 469-982-9999 Complaints reported to the U.S. federal commissions: 5 Complaints Reported to the FTC 1 Complaint Reported to the FCC Comments Same here, Boost mobile, call out shows up 15 – 30 times in a day. Even if phone is sitting on charger I can look at call log later and the number shows it’s been called 10 times in a row. All 1 minute each. WTH Boost? February 18, 2021 ⚐ 469-982-9999 February 15, 2021 ⚐ I have dozens and dozens of calls from my phone to this number. Even when my phone has been turned off. Tried airplane mode. calls go through. next will run the battery to zero for a day and see if they go out still February 09, 2021 ⚐ This # shows up when dialing a google voice fake number… I tried it to test it out Set up a google voice account and try it Total bs!!! When husband says he had mo idea .. then I call him from his fake google voice number and it identifies his voicemail so n his real phone number! February 09, 2021

  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous The number is on both our call logsi think she spying on me ….but i did however use her backup on my phone so i could check without touching her phone so could this be why ? Im goona get to the bottom of it fa sure

  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous Ladies check the number when your not around! It usually shows up then! Keep reporting the number it’s either a internet **** or pornography whatever it is this gonna ruin marriages for sure

  39. Anonymous

    Anonymous A mi me aparese todo el tiempo ya estoy arto alguien sabe

  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous Its the number that shows up when someone is using a 2nd number app…google voice,whatsapp etc..

  41. Anonymous

    Calls made out to this number i didnt call

  42. Anonymous

    Anonymous i didnt call this number yet it shows on my phone bill as outgoing calls 10 times a day wtfffffffff

  43. Anonymous

    Jermey high Text now app number

  44. Anonymous

    A female said leave a code!!!

  45. Anonymous

    It shows up as an outgoing call

  46. Anonymous

    Its outgoing off my kids phone

  47. Anonymous

    Concerned Cell Customer I became alarmed when I discovered a history of my personal cell phone making several calls TO this number. No one in my home had made the calls, and when I tried dialing directly, I got a message that the number was restricted. Looking at my cell call log, the phone calls were not registered on my actual device. Is someone bouncing calls off of my number remotely? Cell company claims they don’t have access and to try contacting the manufacturer.

  48. Anonymous

    iPhone User This number shows up every day dozens of times as an outgoing call. It is upsetting because Boost tells me I must have called the number and not known it because the “app never makes mistakes”. I have never called this number. Please help

  49. Anonymous

    That’s unknown it’s a number on my Mans History

  50. Anonymous

    Christina Kazlas This is an outgoing number dozens of times per day on my boost account. Who is it. I know they’ve hacked my phone whoever it is.

  51. Anonymous

    App Call Screener For Boost Mobile. Its Call Screener , an app for spam and robo calls. It intercepts the calls and IDs the number and will send it to voicemail. This number is different as is your actual system voicemail. Eg…my number is an 850#…to call my voicemail, my phone calls an 805#. This numbers ending in 9999 are not dating and cheating sites. I promise I looked deeply into this. If you want me to send you screen shots of my proof, drop your email and ill send it to you.

  52. Anonymous

    Tory parks My email is [email protected]!! Please send all the info and proof you have. I’ve been trying to figure out what this number is for months.

  53. Anonymous

    Anonymoustabby I’I’m having same problem we split cause of this try get in

  54. Anonymous

    Tabby Yes please send me screenshots [email protected]

  55. Anonymous

    Anonymous im hacving same issue i keep finding the same number and its outgoing on my husbands phone

  56. Anonymous

    Anonymous I have found this number multiple times over months at least the last 2mo on my spouses phone records along with his actual number showing up as incoming calls. The 469-982-9999 shows up as outgoing but right after that number there will be incoming calls to his personal number 423-355-**** and those are incoming all of them and they vary from 10min to as long as 83 min. I have asked him and even called the carrier and they told me tht the reason why his number is showing up the way that it is is because it is a private number calling. I have asked him about both numbers and he tells me he doesn’t know who it is. There is no way you can talk to someone calling you from a private number for as long as the phone record shows and not know who you are talking to. The other thing I notice is the pattern in the calls.

  57. Anonymous

    Linda Crow Randy’s WIFE This number (469-982-9999 ) shows up on my husband’s phone also . He says he doesn’t know who’s calling but yet he calls the number constantly everyday. Must be love. LoL.

  58. Anonymous

    Anonymous So this is a text free app number????

  59. Anonymous

    Android User I rellydmt nw who call are txt me

  60. Anonymous

    Laura bromley Her name is laura bromley her # is 954 559 0645. My wife and she use a text me now number

  61. Anonymous

    iPhone User This is sex line

  62. Anonymous

    iPhone User It’sa dating site

  63. Anonymous

    iPhone User This is a sex line number

  64. Anonymous

    Anonymous I found this number like 8 times a day in my fiancees phone what is it?

  65. Anonymous

    Anonymous shows daily on my husbands call history

  66. Anonymous

    Anonymous It’s possible that is a number used by an app called text free as they let’s you create a fake number to text or call someone with it

  67. Anonymous

    Anonymous I see this number on my husband phone all the time

  68. Anonymous

    TT Please help me with this number where is it coming from

  69. Anonymous

    Anonymous I see it on my phone bill all the time. I’ve never called it. I believe it’s an app called text free.

  70. Anonymous

    Anonymous Over 100 calls on my bill to or from this number but its not one of my contacts.

  71. Anonymous

    I just want to no the lication of the callar

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