Phone Number: 17049420679 / +1 (704) 942-0679

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  1. Anonymous

    7049420679 Gina Sturtevant Charlotte, NC (From Mr. Number caller ID) Found this number on my Verizon Wireless account that has apparently been forwarding info from my iPad# to this one. I looked it up on Mr#/Google and saw TONS of people have been reporting the same issue for Years!! Check your VZ settings, they have a number “locking” feature. Others report it’s a major Spam/Hack job. I’m ****!

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Verizon customer. When going through my Verizon Account settings I noticed that the number for my Jetpack Mobile Hotspot device was being forwarded to this number.

  3. Anonymous

    Jonathon A. My tablet, jetpack, and cellphone were forwarding calls to this number. For what reason or how it got set up escapes me. I found them via the Verizon app on device management.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Same problem here. My Verizon tablet was being forwarded to this number. I have no idea how this happened.

  5. Anonymous

    Minez not yours Verizon wireless in West Covina mall set up my i pad before leaving the store insisted that he couldn’t let it leave without him setting it up. Didn’t think much at the tine didn’t know about everyone else it had happened to

  6. Anonymous

    Tom Collions Yes TROUBLE with VERIZON in my area too. Cell phone an Ipads & tablets.. if you go in their Store Whats the first thing they ask is WHATS YOUR PHONE NUMBER. ###_###_####. If you had Made a complained about trouble with your phone or tablet Not working it shows up when they put your phone number into their tablet. It shows up. They will not help you at all. They will never help you They blow you off. Tell you to call customers service but they don’t help either…SCAMMERS They done got your big money your spent on a phone an tablet. An now your stuck paying monthly bill. For long time. An your **** don’t work.. they are the scammers. The lady lied 2 time. Took my boyfriend in VERIZON 2 different times. She told us 2 diff. Story’s. When I told her what she said the last time she backed off an knew I was rite.. I call her a dam lier. An We walk out. Reported them to the BBB.. they are trained only to sell you the phones an iPad & tablets., they making money too on sales, they don’t know **** about anything they sell you. PHONE PLACES SRE ALL SCAMMERS. Pretty soon no one phones will work they will shut everyone’s phone down then what.. The phone numbers people Are finding in their tablets it VERIZONS customers services hiding in your stuff using your phones to do their service work.

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