Phone Number: 17146947603 / +1 (714) 694-7603

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s bother me too many times. I need to be removed.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m going to call them back and setup an appointment at a random address in my neighborhood. My hope is to waste the roofing companies time which will hopefully drive them to stop paying this service for ‘leads’.

  3. Anonymous

    Heyden They blow up my phone with computer calls and when I call them to be taken off the list their system hangs up the phone. I ALREADY HAVE A NEW ROOF!!!! Come on, leave me alone.

  4. Anonymous

    try to tell you it’s about selling you a new roof. It’s really a phishing scam that tries to steal your identity/credit cards number. OC law enforcement apparently does nothing.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous I have received calls from several different numbers asking me to call them back at the above number for the roofing program in my area.

  6. Anonymous

    I get a phone call from them once or twice a day, they leave the number (714)694-7603.

  7. Anonymous

    calls multiple times a day with roofing pitch. Refers to an invalid number (714) 694-7603. Bad robo caller.

  8. Anonymous

    Roofing deal in your neighborhood

  9. Anonymous

    Calls daily ~ however, they’ve call three time today from this number or a variation of a 626 number. Recorded msg for some type of roofing scam…then refers to another number to call ~ 714-694-7603.

  10. Anonymous

    I am still eligible for roofing deal in my area

  11. Anonymous

    Roofing program in your area…non stop calling and messages left….. they’ve been told to STOP to no avail……..

  12. Anonymous

    This is just a reminder call that for a limited time. Your home is still eligible for the roofing program in your area. Please give us a call back at 714-694-7603. Again, 714-694-7603.

  13. Anonymous

    Eligibility for roofing in my area.

  14. Anonymous

    That I am still eligible for a home repair program

  15. Anonymous

    Robo calls just about every day…regarding eligibility for Roofing…calls from a different fake number every time but says to call this number…(714) 694-7603. No way to stop them.

  16. Anonymous

    Eligible for new roof. Calls several times a day. How do we stop this?

  17. Anonymous

    Scott I know it’s a scam but what are they trying to do? None of the numbers are real so what’s the point?

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