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  1. Claimed to be home owner trying to rent it . said to just look in windows. a person there but never inquired why we were walking around.. Said to let him know when I was ready to move in. Asked for my email. Sent a rental foom from [email protected] Then looked up number and sent an email back that I needed proof he owned the place. No response.

  2. David Wilson Yes I was looking into info about this home. It’s a BIG SCAM. DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR INFO OR YOUR MONEY. Theirs a few home scammers out there. BEWARE. AN BE SAFE

  3. This number mimics property listings and replaces this phone number. They ask for a low deposit usually $500 and state the rent is much, much lower than actual.

  4. Says he owns a home on 727 elm street! Says he’s a traveling Dr by the name of Michael Lord! He tried to scam my mother by telling her it’s a $500 deposit! 3 bedroom 1 bath.

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