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  1. My phone is on mute. This number 805-637-7243 calls me 4 to 5 times a day, 7 days a week for the past year. I already reported to the gov’t., but no action taken by the Feds.

  2. they said they received a a complaint and have forwarded the document to last known address. they also said that we failed to response and will undergo through due process

  3. Your social security number has had suspicious activity. We are cancelling your social security payments. Call 910-889-3383 to correct this problem.

  4. Left msg saying $299 billed for subscription. If wanting a refund touch….. This is a FRAUD call trying to verify a live number to sell/scam to other fraudsters!

  5. Llama constantemente, incluso cuando estoy dormiendo y deja un mensaje de voz que no dice nada, marca el 2 para ser eliminado, varias veces marcó el 2 y continúan llamando

  6. I just got a voicemail message from this number and they were saying my social security number would be blocked if I didn’t talk to them.

  7. It was a robocall telling me my SS account has been suspended due to suspicious activity. Wanted me to press a number if I wanted more information. An obvious scam.

  8. This number has called me multiple times but after I say hello there is nothing said and then they hang up. I am 70 and it is hard to get around to answer the phone. How can we stop this?

  9. Anonymous These people that are making calls to everyones number are narcissist … That number just called me and when I didn’t answer my next door neighbor bangs on the wall because I didn’t answer and he’s a narcissist they do it for attention they need attention the best thing u can do to hurt them is ignoring them … They might keep trying but keep a ignoring them no matter what

  10. Basically said I was supposed to recieve something in the mail about extending my car warranty. I don’t even own a car.

  11. Leaves a voicemail message that cannot be opened, just a banner notification every minute for the past few hours. It is five in the morning.

  12. This number shows up on my screen as Voice mail with California area code. I call the number back and it’s silent then they hang up. Someone said it T mobile voicemail error. I just blocked the number because it just seems very suspicious

  13. Usually a recorded message of a woman calling to make sure if i wouldn’t like to extend my car warranty without specifying what company which sucks so i could call them and tell them to remove my number. I don’t own a car. Never got these calls back in TX until I moved to AZ.

  14. The caller asked if I had received a refund I had requested from a purchase I had made, so I thought the call was legit. But then I realized it was a local number and my purchase was made from a CA company. When I called the number back, it was picked up, but no one spoke. I have blocked this number.

  15. Call goes to someone’s business mail box. Problem is that someone is repeatedly accessing that mailbox number by routing his call through my phone number.

  16. They keep on calling me about some payment, 8 was even able to talk to someone about how I don’t have any payments due yet they still keep on coming, and its not like once a month more of 5 times a day

  17. Sometimes it’s an automated recording and most times the robo number shows up on my display in my voicemail like when my doctor calls or a friend calls instead of their actual number. They hacked the voicemails of 2 of my cell phones and I am unable to block this number on my cell phones.

  18. They hacked my voicemail so that when friends call and leave messages, this robo number shows up on my display instead of the real number.

  19. So I keep getting calls from this random number I don’t really know but I remember being a bit scared it’s nice to know it’s just a hacker and nothing more

  20. Said they are trying to collect a debt owed for an insufficient check with bank account and address associated with my number. I have no insufficient checks associated with my bank account.

  21. Last chance to clear up issue or legal matter will be pursued. Called at 2:30am. I’m a police officer & have no legal issues. Losers.

  22. 805-637-7243 shows on my new phone as my Voicemail number. It left me a message about my car warranty. They call and leave message every day.

  23. This caller won’t shut up and stop sendinge voicemails. I’ve been getting them non stop for two days now, it doesn’t even stop for a quite literal interval of two seconds.

  24. They were quiet with background noise. Do people not have better ways to spend their time?? So stupid. Get a life already. Loser.

  25. a craigslist item being sold. gave me this number in a voicemail. i tried returning call with this number but it dialed my voicemail, time after time. i cannot call this number keeps going to my voicemail. strange.

  26. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION!!! Scammer wanted us to charge them more for services that weren’t even for us. They wanted us to charge them an additional $2250 in order to pay someone in cash for the driving service they stated they were going to use. Definitely suspect.

  27. I get this as a notification on my Android phone, but there is never a real message. I refuse to call them back, based on your comments above.

  28. Never a msg, though push notifications say there’s a new VM from the number. Happens many times a day. T-Mobile spam blocker is apparently killing the call.

  29. Seems to have infected my phone and I can’t delete the phone message icon that tells me to call this number.

  30. This is the T Mobile voice mail number. Apparently scammers are pretending to be calling from your voice mail number.

  31. This is the T Mobile voice mail number. Apparently scammers are pretending to be calling from your voice mail number.

  32. press #1 to respond to call.then gives instructions on setting up voicemail.press#1 to save #7 to delete.or need help setting up voicemailbox??How to secure voicemail for fraud and on and on

  33. Ok so I keep getting spam voice mailed by this dumb person and basically I went on reddit to find more information and I found out it might we a scammer or it might be t mobile telling you to check ur messages

  34. Said my first name then said it was my sister for to call her when got there. But here is facts…. Resting I was when voicemail pop came to show message .

  35. calls multiple times a day and claims to be part of the police department and that I have an unpaid tax

  36. No call or text. It just has complete vontrol of my voicemail. My device number is completely different. But somehow my voicemail got changed to Spanish and this number took it over.

  37. Anonymous/not given they tell me to enter my password but I do not know who is calling so how can I enter a password ? How can I reject these calls ? other than just deleting them ?

  38. This number comes up as a voicemail on my T Mobile phone-when I attempt to call it-there is no voicemail-it just keeps on calling my phone-I blocked the number but it just comes back relentlessly

  39. Keep on getting a call says voice male but locks up my phobe and I have to restart it every time they call. It’s worth a pen and piece of paper to write this number down and download a block call program

  40. Apparently there’s no such thing as a call blocker. Number keeps dialing phone phone and gets hot talk about worthless trash and a worthless ****.

  41. Rigamarole of pressing Huggins to no one answering. Ended up looking reverse lookup up and low and behold…100% scam. Who’d a thought, right? I hope there’s a special place ruled by Hades for these infernal miscreants…. Unrepetent losers by any name are still irredeemable losers. They can rot…piece by miserable rotting piece. Just my humble suggestion, however.😁 Bjk

  42. They are going to start legal system against me 1-805-637-7243 ( but they use a number first to call it was +49-951-814-4415) then that number 805

  43. I got a call from this number even after I blocked it. Also, got a Voice mail message even though I don’t have my vm set up.

  44. For those trying to block the number. The calls come through a different number but the voicemail left is from a 1-805-637-7243. Create a contact with that number and then block it the contact

  45. Talks about some student loan I have! I have never had a student loan. Different people call – hoax, spam, incompetent!

  46. Said my account for a subscription would be billed $259 and to call to cancel. I have no accounts like this one. Did not respond.

  47. To inform me that I was under INVESTIGATION. My SS# was being tracked for illegal operations. Stay on the line an officer will be with you. It sound so real and intimidating I hung up immediately. now the calls go directly to voicemail.

  48. They left a voicemail and all they said was something about suspicious information. Called multiple times one day but never picked up.

  49. Anonymous Asked to speak to my husband. I asked what is this call about and she said I want to have sex with your husband!!! I told her to go to hell. 1

  50. This # ALWAYS shows up as my voicemail on call log. I dial it, put in my password & it gives me my messages. This is weird. Should I not use it?

  51. I had a call from the dea saying my ID was left at a crime scene and I had to go withdrawal all my money immediately to clear my name if all charges ranging from money laundering, to drug trafficking, also there is a number set up in my as voicemail card on my phone and asks me for a PIN number that I don’t have any idea what it is and hangs up on me ??? Help please

  52. Leaves Voicemails Non Stop, I even placed this number on my Do Not Call List and the Number still gets thru and leaves Voicemails.

  53. Left a voice mail (robotic voice): Said an order for $700 was made on my Amazon account. Press 1 to approve and press 2 to cancel. No order showing on Amazon or my bank.

  54. It said, that to press one for to speak with federal agent. If no action been taken. They have to choice but to take action themself.

  55. Trying to sell me an extended warranty for my car. My car is three weeks old right out of the showroom and fully warranted…lol…spammers…what is annoying is I block it on T-mobile and it still gets thru. If T-mobile can’t block spammers maybe it’s time to switch.

  56. Said was from Amazon fraudulent and that someone charged an iPhone on my account . I did have an Amazon prime account and. Stated I would have to call them back. But the voice message was so badly garbled and not very clear. Just another Scammer wanting to get my personal information. Do not call or answer this number.

  57. I got a message saying that i needed to set up my voicemail unaware my voicemail was not working correctly, had to call my carrier so i could reset my voicemail

  58. My cell phone doesn’t ring when this number calls. Instead it sends a weird ping noise to my phone. It calls EVERY DAY and ALL HOURS. I’m fed up but can’t seem to stop it bc I’ve tried blocking and I’m on the ‘Do Not Call List’.

  59. Keeps calling every single day with the same jittery computer voice saying they will be forced to take legal action if I don’t press 1

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