Phone Number: 18668716477 / +1 (866) 871-6477

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  1. Anonymous

    Said his name was Frank, said he had sealed documents i needed to sign and woud need two forms of ID and a whitness and that he would be at my work between 12 and 3 pm if i was not there he would come to my home then friends and family.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Never got a call, but a voicemail popped up saying his name (i couldnt understand) and that he had papers for me to sign ..must be home between the hours of 12-3 tomorrow or he is coming to my work & family… left a number to call.

  3. Anonymous

    Called my mom asking for me. Told her that I am in trouble and he will keep looking for me until I sign the papers. He said he was coming by my house tonight to force me to sign. Called number and no one answered. So me and my HK45 will see him when he drops by.

  4. Tee

    Got the same message like everyone else.

  5. Anonymous

    I also go a very rude call saying there were papers to be signed and that he threatened to come to my work if not there come to my home if not there he’d reach out to my friends and family. This is just one more scammer.

  6. Anonymous

    hi this is Frank private courier area reaching out to you here today in regards to _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ documents that requires your signatur you’ll needavailable tomorrow

  7. Anonymous

    Got on answering machine. This what i could understand::: Hi this is frank i have papers for you to sign , be home between 12 – 3 tomorrow and i will be stopping by for you to sign them. I will stop by your job first and if not there i will ask your supevisor for your next schedule then i will go to your friends and family. So you better be home to sign these papers.


    yeah got arude call from frank .oct 20th saying i need to sign papers tomarrow at 12pm to three pm or he is going to go to my job and then my house then on to family n friends next then hes said ill be held in comptempt if i dont call to reschedule his freindly apperance . or talk to the complaninit. 1866-877-6477 called but omg they was closed at four . humm he called at 330pm . ithought you need apolice offcer or a civil court person to summons for credit card bill

  9. Anonymous

    Said his name was frank from courier and threatens to come to my job and I need 2 forms if ID

  10. Anonymous

    Threatens to come To house work tell friends family supervisors

  11. Anonymous

    Said his name is Frank from Letter Courier and claimed i have to sign tax documents. Threatened to come to my job, home and even the homes of family or friends if I was not at home or at work during the times he specified.

  12. Anonymous

    Told me he would be coming to my house around 12-3 and if I was not home he would come to my job and or family members to find me.

  13. Anonymous

    Said the same as everyone else here commented above. What’s freaking me out is the last 4 numbers on my “case number” are my actual social. What the heck ?

  14. Anonymous

    I got the same call!!! Has he ever showed up to anyone house?

  15. Anonymous

    Said would come to my house between 12-3 and if not there, would come to job. Has he ever showed?

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